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Percentage public / independent (private) schools

Country Answer
Albania Albania - Q6 - answer
Austria Austria - Q6 - answer
Belgium Belgium - Q6 - answer
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina - Q6 - answer
Bulgaria Bulgaria - Q6 - answer
Denmark Denmark - Q6 - answer
England England - Q6 -answer
Estonia Estonia - Q6 - answer
Finland Finland - Q6 - answer
France France - Q6 -answer
Ireland Ireland - Q6 - answer
Italy Italy - Q6 - answer
Lithuania Lithuania - Q6 -answer
Macedonia Macedonia - Q6 - answer
Netherlands Netherlands - Q6 - answer
Norway Norway - Q6 -answer
Serbia Serbia - Q6 -answer
Slovakia Slovakia - q6 -answer
Slovenia Slovenia - Q6 - answer
Spain Spain - Q6 -answer
Sweden Sweden - Q6 -answer
Switzerland Switzerland - Q6 -answer
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